Daily chastity control

Once I decide, based on votes from My public, I will be setting up My Chastity Studio and will begin posting once My equipment is purchased and set up. 

There will be a learning curve, but I’m driven and purposed in My lust as a Femdom. 

I adore transforming men into women! This particular slave had a pair of pussy panties! Aren’t they amazing! 

21 Comments on “Daily chastity control”

  1. Dear Mommy Mistress. Followed you on tumblr for a long time. I have just sent a PayPal to hopefully get a little attention. I do not know how much Tumblr you use these days.
    I was wondering if you would be open to the idea of dominating, controlling, playing with me via the internet? Perhaps the use of Skype?
    I have the toys and an interest in bondage.
    Including owning a padlock timer, diapers and a pair of plastic over pants thst can be locked on with a padlock.
    Would you be willing to talk to me about any possibility of you dominating me?

    My thanks Mistress.

  2. Queen, You know that i am completely behind You in this initiative and willing to perform as Your slave on camera any time.

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