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  1. Hi, Chastity Queen. I live in the UK and have only last year come across male chastity. I married my queen this year, we have been together in a loving relationship for 16 years. We are fairly vanilla with our sex lives, My queen is my life andi love her dearly. The difference between us is our libido, she would rather make love every six to eight weeks and I feel horny and could and sometimes do masterbate 3 times a day. This has been an issue between us for some time ( the only issues between us, as the rest of our lives are great). We feel that i may have a masterbation problem and needed to find a solution. I came across male chastity as said about a year ago – i have been doing lots of research on the subject and have purchased 3 chastity devices (one plastic and to metal ones). I approached my queen with the information and thankfully she was not to grossed out with the subject. We have been trying chastity periodically for the last year but I was finding it difficult to focus and persevere, the shortest period was a week and the longest was a month. We have revisited chastity at the beginning of Locktober and I am trying to push through. I was close to unlocking when I came across your Podcast “Chastity training”. I truly don’t know were to start in thanking you for your motivation and encouragement – mind blown. After listening to you it has given me such a boost to carry on and be the man I want to be.
    Thank you Thank you so much.
    Kindest regards

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