My church preaches chaStity

I, Myself, was once enslaved to religion, since birth. It was a false illusion, so I cast it off and took control of My Own Destiny! You can too, if you denounce the simplistic views of organized religion. It is simply a method of mass control. You CAN Own your life, by finding peace in chastity, under My watchful eye. You will become a success, rather then just another cog in the wheel. You will BOW to reality and worship the tangibly seen, versus the eternally unseen! Imagination plays no role, under My Rule! Focus on your new mentality and renewed outlook on it. I am real and so are My realities.

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  1. You should pose like that in front of a mosque. Islam is just as regimented and “simplistic” as any brand of Christianity, if not more so. Tell the worshippers that you are more “real” than their Allah and Mohammed, then liberate a few oppressed Muslim women by ripping off their headgear. You’ll look totally punk-rock and individualistic nailed to a cross in some desert country where booze is illegal. Post pics!

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